IT Governance
The information and supporting technology are a key resource for the success of each company and to increase its value to the stakeholders.
As everyone knows, it’s more and more important to ensure that the IT supports business goals and - at the same time- meets the requirements of efficiency, quality, reliability, regulatory compliance, security.
Dale Consulting - through its consultants and inspired by the methodology CobiT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology) - attends customers in the implementation of a process model that guarantees the value generated by IT, the risk management, the increasing requirements for information control.

Customer Relationship Management
Dale Consulting studies solutions directed at Customer-Centric management of the interaction processes with Clients. CRM cannot be likened to software; it represents a new approach to the market focusing on the customer and no longer just on the product, linked to integration of company processes.

The DWH integrates information coming from different sources; the data are transformed, “cleaned” and aggregated.
The data warehouse is used to support management decisions, for example making it possible to calculate queries very efficiently.
While in an operational database the data are accessed, entered, modified and deleted a few at a time, in a DWH the research operations are interactive and updating operations are offline and can involve millions of lines.

The data of interest arrive from various sources and the DWH represents all the data in a single model, integrating the array of different representations (names, codes, etc.).

An operational database is designed and built as a support for operational processes (production, sales, documents, etc.) while a DWH is built around questions of interest.

Business Process Outsourcing
At present, the main sector that Business Process Outsourcing refers to is the service industry.
In fact, today, companies tend to outsource business processes which are not considered particularly strategic for the company.

The professional experience and commitment of Dale Consulting, with the use of BPO, helps companies to be more flexible so that they can adapt more rapidly to the changes in today’s market.
We offer specialized know-how aimed at increasing the Client’s profitability, focusing on their core business. We limit investment capital transforming fixed costs into variable costs.

Big Data
Business Intelligence is facing a new challenge: the advent of Big Data.
The data relevant to the business are no longer produced exclusively by traditional applications, but by a plurality of heterogeneous sources (smartphones, sensors, social media forums, imagines, documents, email, audio, video, web pages, web log files, .) and they are characterized by high volume, complexity and high speed.
Traditional tools for Data Base Management and Analytics are no longer fit to treat this type of data.
For this reason - in the recent years – we have seen the development of a range of innovative tools and open source languages, geared to store and process Big Data: Hadoop, HDFs, Hive, Pig, Impala, HBase, Spark, Scala.
Dale Consulting set up - internally - a Competence Center Big Data, with the objective to attend the customers in challenging route of new technology introduction and its infinite possibilities exploitation.