AOG and FACING are two software programs created with the aim of reducing costs and improving performance. The main objectives are:
  • Logistic planning and best utilization of stock
  • Stock supplying and cost reduction
  • Margin maximization by means of asset localisation management
  • Simplification of load processing and better reorder policies
  • Cost reduction in the management of orders in logistics
  • Streamlining of stock reorder and management processes
  • Management of display areas and product enhancement actions.
  • Analysis of information flows by means of detailed reports.
These are only a few of the functionalities of our application programs for point of sale management.

DOCKINGSTORE is the documentation solution which makes it possible to:
  • Eliminate space renting costs for paper conservation (so avoiding problems linked to climatic phenomena such as flooding and fires).
  • Eliminate costs for consumable materials (paper, cartridges, shelves)
  • Reduce costs for maintenance of printing systems.
  • Track all documents in real time.
  • Reduce times searching for documents.
  • Improve information management effectiveness.
  • Make document management more flexible, since they are digital.
  • Transmit documents telematically (e-mail, fax, download, etc.).
  • Create documentation flows (workflow).
  • Increase personnel productivity and use human resources in other greater added-value activities.
  • Integrate document images with management data.
  • Ensure safety of access and control activity on filed documents

ALEF II and SPIDER are two sw solutions for the Finance Area.
These solutions can completely manage the back and middle-office (compliance with accounting  and tax  rules, audit, reports to supervisors...), and the front-office issues concerning the portfolio of the customers and the property (risk analysis, performance attribution, stress analysis, management of the derived products…).
The main features are:  
Alef II – Portfolio Analysis            
  • Customer risk profile management
  • Portfolio Analysis and Reporting (by customer type)
  • Portfolio Control (operations, risk)
  • Portfolio models management: strategic and tactical
  • Analysis of Performances and Scenarios
  • Financial Information about markets (in real time or postponed)
  • Compliance Management
  • Re-alignments, limits and alarms

Spider – Operations on markets
  • Markets information
  • Negotiation on the markets in sale trading and agencies
  • Online Negotiation of the day traders customers
  • Online Negotiation for low-end customers
  • Placement of the asset management products and OTC


MyPFM is the Dale Consulting solution to manage the economic and financial budget by the customers.
It is divided into three main macro-blocks:
  • Data collection
  • Categorization: each transaction is automatically assigned to a category
  • Front End: the Personal Finance Management is available through web interface and through mobile devices
A full set of services are available to the users:
  • Basic Services: Analysis of costs; Reports and charts; Categories management; Management of categorization rules; Expense limits; Events calendar; Inserting and managing notifications; Comparison with peers; Savings trend analysis; Setting budget
  • Advanced features: Imbalance revenue - expenses; Check predictive cash flow; Proposal for financial products
The solution was built using innovative Big Data technologies: Hadoop; Spark; Scala

APPLICATION SOLUTIONS FOR LAW OFFICES developed by Micra Sw & Services, with Dale Consulting as authorised reseller and project partner.

GLEX, a specific solution for the management of lawsuits with customers (ordinary civil litigation)
Web-based application that enables integrated management of lawsuits submitted by customers, handling:
  • the value of the procedure,
  • the actions of actors, defendants, lawyers, …
  • the assignment and re-allocation to legal/manager;
  • the hearings, the process and the progress (and their historians);
  • the electronic document management (to create and attach digital documents);
  • the accounting events such as disbursements, expenses and fund IAS 37, tracks for historical and operational risks

GADR, a specific solution for the alternative management of disputes
Dedicated engine conducting alternative solutions of disputes, allowing:
  • pre-litigation strategies;
  • mediation d. Lgs28/2010 (option even for ABF and CONSOB);
  • the activities of the mediator, the neutral third-party body, the proposal, the outcome etc.;
  • the electronic document management (to create and attach digital documents);
  • the accounting events for historical paths.

GREC, a specific solution for the handling of complaints of supervisory and monitoring bodies (Bank of Italy..)
Application software dedicated to the management of complaints offering:
  • the classification of practices with all data along reason codes ABI;
  • the timing of escapism with its agenda of responsiveness in consistency with the nature of the complaint;
  • the electronic document management to support;
  • the reception of the complaint;
  • the periodic reports by product/causal and synthesis for ABI;
  • the management of compliants od supervisory and monitoring bodies (Bank of Italy , ....).

GECO, a specific solution for the management of consultancy
Dedicated engine that enables the conduct of consultations requested and made from various facilities to competent function allowing:
  • the management of opinions/circulars/guidelines/projects;
  • the automatic definition of the complexity of the output products;
  • the structures/entities applying ;
  • the argument and the relevant legislation;
  • the electronic management of the request and advice;
  • the hours/meetings.
There is also the management of internal/external advisory, to manage specializations/assignments/fees register

GPE, a specific solution for the management of criminal proceedings.
Dedicated engine that enables the conduct of criminal proceedings from the preliminary stage, handling:
  • the acts the offended party, GIP, GUP, a civil party, etc;
  • the agenda deadlines and formalities (preliminary hearing, dispute, judgement, appeals and execution);
  • the electronic document management (texts, expert exts, testimonies investigations, appeal and judgment);
  • the summary and the detailed report massive (forcrime, imputed, victim)

GCTRIB, a specific solution for the management of appeals with the tax authorities
Web-based solution that enables integrated conduction of the phases of pre-litigation, appeals, refunds with the tax authorities, allowing:
  • the evidence of the appellant, resistant, tax type, ans so on..;
  • the calendar deadlines and specific terms as a major plus for this type of process essentially documentary;
  • the evidence of taxes, penalties and interests claimed and matured calculated according to the different types of tax;
  • the accounting events such as payments (ordinary and partial), also tracks expenses and provisions for accounting purposes;
  • the fractional collection (if any);
  • the fund for taxes

GCLAV, a specific solution for handling labour disputes with employees or pension funds
Dedicated engine that enables the conduct of dispute with the employees (and optional conciliation attempts, disciplinary proceedings and sanctions illicit news), handling:
  • the events calendar;
  • the employee summary dashboard giving details (freshman, classification, level, hire date, position code, termination date, curriculum, courses, ....) both current and owned at the time of the event;
  • the hearings, the process and the progress (and their historians);
  • the document management (to create and attach digital documents);
  • the annual reports Mod. 23

GALE, the solution for the public register of external lawyers and their evaluative rating
Application for the management of external lawyers that - starting from reinforcing the base data of the law office - effectively implements the following actions:
  • automatic process for calculation - from 1 to 100 for each law office - based on algorithms that take into account subjective factors, which might be derived from individual operating managers in contact with external law
  • (survey), and objective factors calculated automatically on the basis of statistical parameters (indicators) that take into account environmental factors (prioritization);
  • supporting of assiigning order, we mean the attribution on the cause to external legal from an operating manager- through dedicated function that supports the choice, proposing lawyers irrecargables on the basis of competences, of the rating, of the number of total assignments and so on.., so as to support the internal manager for a correct and transparent assignment of tasks and in any case justified and documented (and tracked);
  • verify adequacy of supply parcels with expected costs as useful tool for forecast legal expenses (dashboard)

BACK-OFFICE SOLUTIONS FOR BANKING developed by Micra Sw & Services, with Dale Consulting as authorised reseller and project partner

PIGNO3, a specific solution for managing garnihees with the bank as custodian for money
Position monitoring of the subject and web operation for the garnishees:
  • the type of procedure (ordinary/debt collection/attachment);
  • the evidence of creditors, debtors, other people involved …..;
  • the assignment and re-assignment to the appropriate office;
  • the amount of attachment blocking reports linked;
  • the iter and the progress (and historical) and final outcome;
  • the management of the yield statement and liquidations.

GES, the specific solution for managing practices succession
Position monitoring of the subject for observation of successions, allowing the evidence about:
  • the type (legitimate/necessary/testamentary dispositions);
  • decuius, heirs, etc;
  • the investigation phase of the branch;
  • the processing of the letter and receipt;
  • the management/verification of documents

RULE BOX, a specific solution to handle the wear and compound interest
To obtain the complete automation of the service (we mean, finding data and calculating compound interest) the application allows:
  • the management of different simulations starting from the initial statement with massive editing capabilities (in order to remove all entries with certain reasons and so on..) and/or review;
  • managing the calculation for borrowing rates plus rates within limits-fido, unitary costs, periodic expenses, rates creditors ;
  • the management and evidence of TEG and wear;
  • the evidence of legitimate economic conditions, the evidence of financial remittances;
  • the evidence of unlawful interests;
  • the comparison between different simulations for the same position

SOLUTIONS FOR CREDIT COLLECTION (Banking Sector) solutions developed by Micra Sw & Services, with Dale Consulting as authorised and project partner

GESCO L, a specific solution for the management of actions for the credit collection
It’s a component that allows you to manage a whole legal action (e.g. injunctions, executions, and so on..):
  • a visual workflows that allow you a shared and strategic management of all items devoted to legal action for credit collection;
  • a special report that allow you verifications about parcels linked to external lawyers

GESCO E, a specific solution for the management of extra judicial actions for credit collection.
It’s a component that allows you to manage - in its entirety – a litigation action (eg phone collection, solicitation and so on..):
  • a visual workflow that allows for strategic management of events dedicated to specific credit collection;
  • reports and automatic rating that allow the verification of the work done by any external teams