Dale Consulting is proud of a considerable expertise about the main processes of Retail and Distribution Industry: Marketing; Sales; Relationship with the Makers of Consumer Goods; Buying; Logistics; Store Management (Goods and Profitability Management); Customer Insights.

Project reference
  • Realization of an application for Items and Order to Supplier Management.

  • Realization of a solution for fitting the Automatic Reorganisation of Goods
    Analysis and development of an application that aims to supply efficiently the stores and, at the same time, to optimize the purchase process, to reduce the storage of the goods, to decrease the days in which the stores have items with stock zero. 

  • Implementation of a Business Process outsourcing Solution concerning the Papers Capturing and Substitutive Storage (involved papers: invoices - payslips). 

  • Application maintenance (corrective and developmental) for the Enterprise Resource Planning System.

  • Realization of an application for the Stores. It is possible to reorder the items to the central storage instead of reorder to several suppliers (the centrale storage will buy at several suppliers and it will deliver goods to stores). It means benefits as lower purchase costs, delete the minimum quantity order, reduce deliver deadline. 

  • Realization of a Data Warehouse, slipt from the production DB for detail analysis and the report of Buying/Sales/Accounting/Human Resources. Weekly/Monthly/progressive annual reports about: turnover, receipts, mark-up, royalties, sum turnover, rotation of provisions, profitability, investments, bill and staff costs. Analysis for: stores, powerful members, new markets member.

  • Realization of a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution for the users of business management (budget, final balance, gap analysis final balance VS budget concernig every company division). 

  • Implementation of a Facing Solution Analysis and development of an application for Stores Profitability and Pallets Management.

  • Realization of an Executive Dashboard (gap analysis final balance VS budget in sales, mark up, profitability, labor cost, productivity).