Dale Consulting brings to market innovative solutions dedicated to the banking, insurance, retail, large industry.
Some of these applications are the result of strategic alliances with partners, who have strong functional competence and focus on sw development.

In partnership with MICRA Sw & Services, Dale Consulting offers the market a number of applications of absolute leadership dedicated to:
- the law offices of banks and insurance companies
- the judicial and non-judicial recovery issues of credit (banking)
- back-office issues of banking (garnishees, hereditary successions, wear and compound interest..)

These applications are currently installed at the most important Italian banks

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In partnership with CLOUDERA, absolute leader of the market for the Big Data sw distribution, Dale Consulting offers the market complete solutions for the management of data and the use of innovative technologies.
Dale Consulting is one of the Italian reference partners for Cloudera (www.cloudera.com)

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